“Working as a Healthcare Tutor at RSG since 2018 has encouraged my development as a facilitator and has broadened my view on further education and training entirely for the better.
The person-centred approach to Teaching and Learning at RSG made my transition into the system user-friendly and at the same time, challenging, in an essential way, encouraging me to reflect on and ensure best practice on a continuous basis, fostering a culture of embracing change and cultivating growth.
The learners and staff, coupled with my passion for lifelong learning, makes for a very enjoyable and rewarding journey. RSG is an exceptionally supportive environment, one which has supported me rise to meet the ever changing demands of meeting educational goals and needs in 2021 and beyond!” – Mary

“As a tutor for Healthcare assistants for the past 10 years, I can say that the facilities at the Dale centre in the RSG are outstanding. Be it patient moving and handling or teaching Palliative Care the teaching equipment and layout of the centre is 2nd to none. The centre is well suited to both restrictions of Covid 19 and specific needs of learners who work with vulnerable people. The Dale centre is a facility that fosters a superb and inclusive learning environment.”Mikey

“Deciding to take up further education with RSG was the best decision I ever made. All my tutors were excellent and encouraged me all the way. I feel I have gained so much knowledge that will help me provide my clients with the best quality of care in a professional manner. Behind the scenes I had ample support by the women in the office and to them I am thankful. Not only have I learnt something new but I have made such wonderful friends along the way in a safe and positive environment. At times I struggled but the determination to do something for myself got me through. All you need to do is “Believe” in your abilities, if I can do it….any of you can!!! Best of luck to all that decide to take on this fantastic new venture.”Charlene

I am currently doing the level 5 healthcare modules with RSG. I am very happy with the support we are getting. We started in the classroom last year and got good help and support from the tutors and management. Due to covid we are now doing our modules online via zoom which I am very happy with. We still have great support from our tutor and the management of RSG. I’m very happy with the services I am availing ok.” – Frances

“Very good course for anybody willing to go into healthcare, it’s a very manageable course to do if working as its mostly evenings and weekends. Tutors are very helpful and Monica and Nicola are excellent in the office if you ever have any questions they will do their best to help and are only a phone call away 👌 “Enda

“Very helpful & friendly staff, always available with helping hand. Can’t recommend it enough.”M.M. – Level 3 Learner

“Just completed QQI Level 5 Healthcare major modules and handed my last assignment today! I felt very proud of myself. With all the hardwork, discipline, patience and dedication I put into it, it is a mixed emotion altogether. Thank you RSG, Derrane c/o Monica Cooney for this opportunity! Looking forward to reach my goal in my career!”M.J.

“The course met my expectations and more. I enjoyed it as I gained loads of information to add to my experience.” – B.D., Level 5 Person Centred Focus to Disability.

“Tutor is excellent builds great rapport with the class.” – Anonymous, Level 5 Person Centred Focus to Disability.

“I found the course excellent and very knowledgeable and the tutor had brilliant way about her. She listened to everyone’s comments and thoughts she never ignored anyone. She was very helpful in every way and it was very beneficial to me and if I have the same tutor I will continue with the training, she was very easy to learn from.” – A.N., Level 5 Care of the Older Person.

“Gaynor is a very good trainer easy to learn from and explained the course very well. I think the course is very beneficial for carers.” – S.G., Level 5 Care of the Older Person

“The group work was great as we were able to discuss in detail certain course topics. Very well presented module.” – S.G., Level 5 Care of the Older Person

“The tutor had a great way of teaching the class. He made the course very easy to follow. Very Enjoyable.” – L.W., Level 5 Communications

“I found this course very interesting and I loved the group work.” – M.B., Level 5 Palliative Care Support

The day I made the call to the RSG Training in Roscommon and spoke to Monica was the best day of my life. You have no idea how it changed things for me. 26 plus years in a thankless job being dragged down every day by employers nothing was good enough I was not good enough anymore. I was online and saw your ad and decided I had nothing to lose only the 10 minutes it took to ring. It took a little longer than 10 min but I got there as you reassured me, I could do anything if I wanted to. After I went to meet you in Roscommon and I signed up for the course I felt I could change the direction my life was going. Which it did, and I will always be so grateful that you helped me to believe in myself again.I so enjoyed the online course, meeting all the lovely people, listening to their stories, and how completing the health care course has changed my life. The tutors were amazing, nothing was any trouble to them always at the end of an email. Monica, you were the most supportive and encouraged me all the way and I am forever grateful that you took your time to help a 53-year-old woman who saw no future for herself. 6 months into the course I got work with a healthcare provider and then decided to leave my retail job.  Eventually, I got a full-time job with the BOC. I can only speak highly of RSG and have encouraged many friends to do the course and to go and get their Major Award as it opens up a new world of opportunities to many like myself, who were afraid of not being good enough. My whole life has changed, and my mental health has never been better, feeling good about yourself is the key to happiness. I can’t thank you enough for all the work that you all do to help a simple soul like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Breege