Professional Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is to ensure that our employees act professionally, responsibly, with integrity, credibility and reliably when interacting with the service users, other statutory bodies associated with our organisation, stakeholders, general public and with each other. In line with the company’s code of ethics all employees must comply as follows;

• You may not drink alcohol, or be under the influence of alcohol while on duty or on the premises or in the presence of your Service User as this may lead to instant dismissal. You must be able to accept responsibility, have the ability to learn, be honest and exercise integrity at all times.

• Matters of confidentiality must be adhered to at all times in accordance with the Confidentiality Agreement signed.

• You are asked to respect the privacy of the Service User you are working with at all times. The personal belongings, furniture and fittings should be treated with respect, and you will be charged for any damages caused by wilful neglect.

• Your mobile phone must be kept on silent and restricted to emergencies only and or responding to queries raised by RSG in connection with your Service User/Employment.

• You may not bring any friends, family member or other persons to the Service User’s home.

• You may not accept gifts.

• You may not bring any animals to the Service User’s home and or work.

• You must behave with honesty and integrity and have respect for the rights and privacy of others in relation to electronic communication and information.

• It is the responsibility of each employee who utilises electronic communications to safeguard company information and assets by understanding and complying with all policies and procedures. The company reserves the right to monitor all electronic communication and files.

• You must dress appropriately for your work as discussed at induction.

• The code of conduct prohibits any form of harassment and bullying or any form of discrimination or inequality.

• You must be punctual and attend work at the agreed stated times and comply with the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997.

• You may not administer any medicines to your Service User. Clarification of each individual’s position may be sought from your Supervisor/Line Manager. Appropriate authorisation documentation must be in place for medication collection and prompting.

• You must not transact financial or business matters on behalf of the Service User without formal authorisation.

• Employees are required to notify RSG within 48 hours of being arrested/ charged with an offence of the law irrespective of whether or not it relates to their employment. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and may lead to dismissal.

• Employees must also notify their employer if their Garda Vetting becomes unsatisfactory during their course of employment.

• You must report all improper practices and any matter which may impede you in undertaking your job as specified.

• Copyright in all writing materials, processes etc created by the employee whilst employed by the company are vested in the company. It is a condition of employment that employees assign all rights of copyright, both current and future to the company for the full period of copyright including extensions and renewals. Upon termination of employment, the employee must return to the company all manuals, handbooks, letters, notebooks, USBs, CD ROMS, reports and all other materials of a secret or confidential nature or under control of the employee. They remain the property of the company at all times.

• Employees are prohibited from bringing work related materials and technology home with them. All work related material and technology must remain on site.

• Use of personal laptops in the workplace is prohibited.

• After the termination of employment former employees are prohibited from disclosing any aspect of their employment with others.

• Health and Safety matters must be adhered to and complied with in all aspects of your employment.

• Staff must attend all mandatory training and or role specific training. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken.

• Staff are encouraged to maintain good health to ensure a normal lifestyle and work attendance.

• All aspects of your contract of employment and job specification must be adhered to at all times.

• After the termination of employment former employees are prohibited from disclosing any aspect of their employment with others.

An Employees Contract may be terminated with or without notice, if any of the following incidents occur.

If the Employee:
 Is found to be stealing in workplace or Service User’s home.
 Leaves during working hours in circumstances which the Personal Assistant, Home Care/Support Worker knows would cause stress to the Service User
 Has unauthorised absence from work without proper or reasonable notice and explanation.
 Does not respect the privacy of the Service User at all times or breaches of confidentiality entrusted to him or her.
 Be guilty of any misconduct or wilful neglect in the discharge of his or her duties.
 Constantly arriving unprepared and not ready to work on time
 Endanger the Service Users health and/or safety.
 Does not respect the Service User’s right to independent living
 Fails to inform the Service User and County Roscommon Disability Support Group CLG (RSG) of any physical, mental or other impediment which might impair or interfere with the proper execution of his/her duties
 Be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a working period.
 Carry out duties in direct conflict with the interest of the employer.

The employee shall carry out his/her duties and functions with the view to maintaining and whenever possible enhancing and protecting the reputation and interests of the Service User.

Manual Handling
No Personal Assistant, Home Care/Support Worker shall lift a Service User without the use of appropriate equipment and training. If there is no lifting equipment available it is the responsibility of the Personal Assistant, Home Care/Support Worker to inform County Roscommon Disability Support Group CLG Transport staff must be trained appropriately before undertaking duties. All staff must have proper manual handling training to satisfactorily undertake the duties of their role.

Vehicle Insurance
Any Personal Assistant, Home Care/Support Worker who uses their vehicle for employment duties shall have their vehicle insured to do so. If there is an extra cost involved in insuring the vehicle for this purpose it is the responsibility of the Personal Assistant, Home Care/Support Worker to arrange with the Service User for the payment of this cost.

Any vehicle used for employment duties must have the County Roscommon Disability Support Group CLG and the HSE, indemnified on the insurance policy. A letter from your insurance company will be required stating the above. This letter is required before you use your vehicle for employment duties.

It is understood that Breaches of this code, the above requirements and other employment policies and procedures will be regarded as a breach of discipline and will be dealt with in accordance with the company`s disciplinary procedures.